About us

We are Nenette Dieleman and Pim Nederstigt, friends for 35 years and living in the Haarlem area.



I was born in Baghdad in 1958. In my younger years I lived with my parents in various places in the world and after my study time I settled in Haarlem. I now live on a classic sailing ship, converted into a living ship, in a beautiful piece of nature near Haarlem.

For many years I have organized and supervised walking holidays as an entrepreneur, especially in the mountains. After that I ended up in education, where I mainly worked with vulnerable young people, first as a pedagogue, later in management. The motive in my work has always been the connection: bringing people together in the pursuit of shared goals.

In the meantime the travel blood has continued to flow within me. Walking or cycling on the road, traversing countries, meeting people and having the opportunity to converse with them and
spend time with. For me a source of inspiration and motivation to set up 'at-thelocals'.




I was born in 1952 in Haarlem and now living with my partner Ans and our dog Cappi in Beinsdorp, the oldest village in the Haarlemmermeerpolder.

I worked as a nurse and manager for 42 years in the Dutch health care sector. Since my retirement, I work as a volunteer at a care farm.

In addition, Ans and I enjoy traveling to distant countries as well as New Zealand, Canada and Africa, but also with our caravan touring Europe. Other cultures, other people, other opinions make traveling fascinating and fun. And of course nature! We really enjoy that.

Traveling broadens your mind and makes you open to the world outside the Netherlands. That is one of the reasons why I started 'at-thelocals' together with Nenette. Bringing people into contact, doing something together and sharing each other's interests. That is the mission of 'at-thelocals'!

I hope to meet you one day!