Become a local

Do you enjoy meeting people who are coming to visit your area, engage in an activity with them and does our approach appeal to you?

At-thelocals is looking for people who like our approach and who would like to work with us.

Do you have a passion, a hobby or any other good idea which you think could suit the at-thelocals style? You’re more than welcome to join us. Contact us by sending a mail to or call us (tel. numbers at the bottom of this page). We will contact you as soon as possible.

What can you expect from us?


  1. Would like to meet with you and discuss what you have to offer. If necessary we will take photos of you and of the activity you wish to share with visitors.
  2. Will take care of bookings and bring you into contact with interested visitors.
  3. Will provide an appealing and up-to-date website
  4. Will supply the photographic material for the website.
  5. Will take care of all P.R. activities such as social media, tourist offices, local city promotions, adverts, flyers, interviews etc.
  6. Will provide an English translation of the description of your activity and take care of good SEO texts (words in your text which help in locating your activity)


  1. Are open to meeting people and enjoy sharing your interests with others
  2. Have a reasonable to good knowledge of the English language. Obviously, any other language you may speak is an added benefit.
  3. Are available (within reason) to carry out the activities. Limited availability will also limit the chance of meeting visitors.
  4. Charge a reasonable price without becoming commercial. A price which is too high does not fit our vision and considerably reduces the chance of meeting visitors.
  5. Can settle in cash with the visitors.
  6. Will contribute annually a small financial allowance to at-thelocals
  7. Give permission to publicise photographs of you and your activities on the website (new privacy legislation requires you to do so explicitly and in writing).

Are you interested? Send an e-mail to: with the following information: Name, address and telephone number (preferably mobile), and a short description of what you would like to offer and what your interests are. As an example, have a look at de descriptions of the activities on the website.

We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Would you like some additional information? Please call:

Nenette Dieleman: 06-13116656

Pim Nederstigt: 06-13696447

Or you can send an e-mail to and we shall respond as soon as possible!

For all our conditions please refer to the relevant page on the website.

Nenette Dieleman and Pim Nederstigt