Meet locals, do something together and share your stories


Add an extra dimension to your stay in the Netherlands!

At-thelocals enables visitors to The Netherlands to meet with local people and engage in an activity together. With visitors we mean the traveler, expat, but also the Dutchman who is on the road in his own country. Couples, friends, families and seniors, all can join!

On the at-thelocals website, the visitor can select a local, based on a choice of activity and the local’s personal interests. This results in being active together, finding out more about local life and exchanging thoughts about issues for which there is a common interest. This combination will ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

We visit and select each local carefully before the offer comes on the website.

NB: all prices do not include the organisation costs at €6,-- p.p.

How does it work?

If an activity is fully booked, you can't book on that date anymore. But please contact us and most likely we can find a solution!